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she holds you captivated in her palm.

→ her face is a map of the world.
19 June 1984
& SHE IS;;
jayme. 23. barista. 5'3''. honey-blonde hair. green cat eyes. porcelain skin. former dancer. peace & human rights advocate.
gemini/cancer cusp. incapable of phoniness. self-reliant. does not naturally blend in & cooperate with others very well. bright, alert, flexible, playful, & eager for new experiences. neverending curiosity. short attention span. moody, sensitive, & emotional. very expressive. many different interests. strong willed. quick witted. highly intuitive curiosity. inquisitive. affectionate. inspired. highly devotional streak towards loved ones. eloquent. lively. impatient. freedom-loving. cerebral. multi-faceted. neurotic. charming. wants & craves a peaceful environment. lover of simplicity. first-class thought process. enthusiasm for life. exudes a childlike air.
thom yorke, flaming lips, portishead, björk, goldfrapp, radiohead, lily allen, jimi hendrix, marley, led zeppelin, ccr, idina menzel, the doors, sleater-kinney, beck, jamiroquai, modest mouse, grateful dead, the murmurs, kinnie starr, zero 7, sia furler, thievery corporation, emperor x, elton john, jem, oasis, the cranberries, poe, coldplay, rufus wainwright, pink floyd, joss stone, ween, collective soul, the white stripes, frou frou, massive attack, rolling stones, ani difranco, tori amos.
german (third generation, from hanover; born here), english, irish, & dutch. currently (& successfully) in recovery from a ten year battle with anorexia. wants to do everything [acting, directing, producing, digital photography, writing, traveling, painting, jewelry-making, dj-ing]. obsessed with music & books. a girly tomboy. constantly lost in thought. takes pictures of anything & everything

acting, activism, alexandra hedison, alice pieszecki, american apparel, anaïs nin, art, açai juice, balenciaga, ballet flats, beads, beck, birkenstocks, björk, black sabbath, bohemians, book stores, books, bracelets, buddhism, camel turkish jade lights, canada, candles, ccr, chai, chicago, clouds, coffee, coffee shops, coldplay, cultural anthropology, dana fairbanks, darfur, darjeeling tea, dark chocolate, daydreaming, digital photography, directing, dogs, dylan moreland, ellen degeneres, elphaba, environmentalism, equality, erin daniels, espresso, existentialism, family guy, feist, field hockey, flaming lips, freedom, gay rights, gemini/cancer cusp, gilmore girls, grateful dead, guinevere turner, helena peabody, high art, hrc, human rights, humanitarianism, idina menzel, imogen heap, india, invisible children, ipod, irish car bombs, italy, jamiroquai, jem, jimi hendrix, karma, kate winslet, kristen stewart, kristin chenoweth, lauren graham, led zeppelin, leisha hailey, lesbians, life-lust, making jewelry, marc jacobs, massive attack, music, oasis, painting, passion, pasta, peace, philosophy, pilates, pink floyd, poe, polaroids, polka dots, portishead, prodigy, producing, pushing daisies, rachel shelley, radha mitchell, radiohead, reading, red nail polish, red wine, road trips, rufus wainwright, sarcasm, screenwriting, sensuality, sex, shamrocks, sia furler, sierra leone, sleeping, soccer, soy milk, soy nuggets, storms, sunglasses, target♥, tattoos, that 70s show, the cranberries, the doors, the l word, the murmurs, the simpsons, theatre, thievery corporation, thom yorke, thunderstorms, tina majorino, trader joe's, traveling, tuscany, urban outfitters, vegetarianism, veronica mars, vitamin water, wicked, wit, women, wrigleyville, writing, yoga, zen, zero 7, ♀♀